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LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Emulsion 100ml

LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Emulsion 100ml

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Nærandi anti-aging emulsion sem gerir húðina mjúka, nærða og "boostar" ljóma í húðinni Er 4x öflugari antioxidant en C vitamin- Boostar upp húðina gerir hana mýkri og meira ljómandi

Húðtýpur : Normal, Dry

Glyco-Miracle™ formula (Energy-Glyco™ + Tri-Peptide): Energy-Glyco™: a powerful source condensed in the root of wild butterfly ginger that helps to revitalize your skin’s energy. The Tri-Peptide is a complex of three essential amino acids that improve the look of elasticity. With acai berry and acerola extracts, Superberry Complex has 4X stronger antioxidant effect than vitamin C to help boost skin vitality and protect the skin against external stressors. Sunflower seed oil nourishes and softens the skin to touch.

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